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Loy Krathong


I never forget Thailand and our tradition. I always missed Loy Krathong Festival ลอยกระทง so this year I decided I would do it here in Portland no matter what and I did.  I couldn't find banana tree trunk and leaves so I used squash and watermelon as Krathong, decorated with lettuce and flower and used zucchini as candle and incenses holder. Asking for forgiveness from The Goddess of Water from polluting rivers and thanks for the use while wishing the water to float away bad luck and sickness are main reasons for the custom.


As some of you may know, my husband did everything with me and he lived in Thailand before so he knew the tradition so he did float the Krathong I made for him but he said he wished the Goddess of Water (พระแม่คงคา) to have a great year. That made me laughed. It's new!  I never heard of anyone wish that for the Goddess. He told me he did that because he thought everyone asked her for something but noone gave her anything. Very thoughtful of him.





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